A good sports clothing outfit requires many different elements. Firstly you have to think about what specific sport you are playing as quality sports clothing is designed with a specific sport in mind. Designing a sports clothing item for one specific sport means that the clothing can boost your performance in that sport as all the features the clothing will possess will be engineerd with that sport in mind.


We are going to take a close look at Rugby and what makes a good rugby outfit. A good rugby outfit includes the four essentials: shirt, shorts, socks and boots however there are other things to think about with under armour, head guards, under shorts, gum shields and sweatbands being very popular in the professional game.


The shirt is the most eye catching of the outfit and of course you want a good style and design for your shirt but the main area to focus on is what materials is it made with. If you are a rugby player your shirt needs to be durable and also contain quick drying materials. Synthetic materials are usually used for rughby shirts as they grab the sweat from the body and allow it to evaporate quickly leaving the shirt light and comfy. One of the most popular rugby shirts out is the official England rugby shirt because of its classy design. Cheap rugby shirts are in demand but can be difficult to find, the internet is the best way to go as there are so many options.


Shorts have to fit well and wearing shorts from leading rugby brands like Canterbury, Asics, Optimum, Nike and Adidas are a good way to go as they fit well and also contain high quality materials that are tough but can also stretch which allows a player his full range of movement and means the shorts can withstand the tackles, scrums and trys.


Socks are a simpler one as there is plenty of choice in shops and on the net and as long as they fit well you can’t go to far wrong.


Rugby boots are being designed to be more unique and to stand out more. When watching a professional game you will see players boots stand out more then they used to as image has become increasingly important in all sports. Once you have found a design you prefer you need to think about what pitches you will be playing on. Hard pitches require firm ground moulds or blades where as soft, boggy pitches require long studs usually each boot contains six to eight.


A terrific place to look for an ideal rugby outfit is as they have a great range in their rugby section including rugby shirts for men and women. And for more info about the sport in general, you can visit websites such as NFL, Ufakick, Yahoo! Sports, and others.





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